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Embracing Your Emotions: Navigating the New Moon in Pisces for Freedom and Creativity

Embracing Your Emotions: Navigating the New Moon in Pisces - Freedom and Creativity with Astrology

Komposition in Blau (1931) - Otto Freundlich (German, 1878-1943)
Komposition in Blau (1931) - Otto Freundlich (German, 1878-1943)

Illustration: Komposition in Blau (1931) -Otto Freundlich (German, 1878-1943)

New Moon in Pisces 

The celestial event known as the "New Moon" occurs when the Earth, Moon, and Sun align, with the Moon positioned between the other two, rendering it invisible and pitch black. It marks a period of calm and reflection, allowing us to plant new seeds for the future. The upcoming New Moon is set for March 10th at 10 AM CET in the adaptable Water sign of Pisces, and its energy typically lasts around 2.5 days. This grants you ample time to set intentions until roughly Tuesday midday. Yet, keep in mind that the universe doesn't impose deadlines on your potential growth. It's merely more opportune to synchronize with the New Moon's activated energy for more significant effects.

It's essential to note that the ensuing interpretation takes into account the general energies on Earth during the New Moon, with effects varying widely based on individual birth charts.

Pisces, often symbolized by the Fish, is the least tangible of all signs, offering no concrete shape or substance. This aligns with Pisces' nature as a space for dissolution, surrendering to life's intangible aspects and exploring invisible realms. Here, spirituality, mysticism, magic, dreams, but also fears, suffering, and hidden aspects come to the forefront.

As a water sign, Pisces influences our emotional realms, possibly making you feel heavier than usual in recent days, especially given the ongoing global happenings. The universe urges you to pay attention to your emotions. If you find yourself feeling emotional, heavy, sad, depressed, or angry, acknowledge those emotions and have the strength to understand why you feel that way. The risk with this energy is taking the "easy road" by trying to numb feelings through various means such as alcohol, drugs, food, or escapism through TV series.

Pisces also invites us to tap into our spirituality and connect with other realms. Dreams become more vivid, feeling more real than usual. Connecting with your soul, guides, angels, the source, or whatever you recognize, becomes easier as the veil between spiritual and material worlds thins. It's an opportune time for deep meditation and connecting with your spirituality and beliefs, tuning into your intuition.

Sabian Meaning of this New Moon in Pisces

In Pisces, the 20th degree symbolizes "A table set for an evening meal." It represents the idea that after our hard work, we receive good things in return, much like a bountiful harvest. This symbol encourages us to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, acknowledging that our journey on Earth exposes us to various challenges like suffering, loss, and frustration. Despite these difficulties, it assures us that, like returning home at the end of the day, the soul finds comfort and joy.

Imagine a well-set dinner table - this image embodies what brings people happiness today without excessive effort. In the past, life was more challenging, with concerns about basic needs like food and shelter. The symbolism of the evening meal serves as a reminder that joy extends beyond mere sustenance; it encompasses various comforts that contribute to happiness. The key is to make our surroundings familiar, appreciate simple blessings, and avoid excessive ambition and baseless optimism.

The emphasis here is on contentment through self-care while recognizing and appreciating nature's abundant provisions. Nature, attuned to our needs, is ready to nurture us if we allow it. This involves addressing mental challenges, maintaining a positive outlook, especially during difficult times, and fostering the belief that goodness will prevail.

Ultimately, this symbol assures us that, over time, our needs will find fulfilment through special connections, whether they are spiritual or with family and friends. The evening meal symbolizes more than just a picturesque scene; it represents the soul's return to a safe place as the day of existence concludes. This cyclical journey promises renewal and robust support, offering a satisfying culmination to life's endeavours. By embracing the results relevant to the soul's purpose and destiny, we align with a divine creative plan that initiated the entire cycle.

Cosmic Geometry of this New Moon in Pisces

Sun Sextile Uranus: A Symphony of Conventionality and Independence

This harmonious aspect orchestrates a beautiful blend of conventionality and independence. It brings creative dynamics and independent thinking that foster projects benefiting society, showcasing an idealistic, progressive, intuitive, and original nature. The desire to be different and unique fuels the journey, and attracts teachers, mentors, and examples for us.

Moon Sextile Uranus: Navigating Emotional Independence

Moon sextile Uranus is fostering a need for emotional independence and freedom within the family environment. Leading unconventional lives, we need to resist yielding to the will of others, often experiencing stormy emotions and mood swings. The complex of separation pushes us to separate from societal norms, creating a path of emotional autonomy.

Sun Conjunction Neptune: The Ethereal Alchemy of Intuition and Fantasy

In the celestial union of the Sun and Neptune, intuition, fantasy, empathy, and self-sacrifice intertwine. Not overly practical, this energy is infused with asceticism. It brings us a wave of vivid imagination, deep intuition, spirituality, and a sense of harmony, helping us to navigate a structureless existence, floating through life. The talent lies in translating profound truths to others, adding a touch of the ethereal to the mundane.

Moon Conjunction Neptune: Seeking the Transcendental

The Moon's conjunction with Neptune bestows a profound need to seek the transcendental. Often drawn to religious or esoteric pursuits, we could exhibit self-sacrifice, though sometimes taken advantage of by others. Our homes may become untidy, reflecting the complexity of our inner worlds. This conjunction combines perceptiveness and sensitivity, offering great inspiration to artists and a unique ability to grasp the deep processes of the human psyche—an ideal aspect for diving into our psyche.

Mercury in Aries: Quick and Lively Minds

With Mercury in Aries we exude quick thinking and spontaneous speech. Our enthusiasm sparks rapid actions, with interests swiftly shifting to new experiences. We should pay attention to the fire propelling our mind forward, as we can be drawn to anything that captures their attention. We’re invited to learn to balance mental stimulation with patience, acknowledging the time required for ideas or goals to materialise.

Mercury Conjunction Neptune: Bridging the Ethereal and the Practical

The conjunction of Mercury and Neptune bestows excellent intuition, fantasy, religious feelings, mystical abilities, and a broad worldview. With this artistic and idealistic energy, we can occasionally escape into fantasy to solve practical problems. Our intuition and inspiration are intricately linked to thinking, speaking, and communicating, providing a bridge between the ethereal and the practical, even if we may struggle with material aspects of life.

Mercury Sextile Pluto: The Harmonious Dance of Strong Will

In the harmonious dance of Mercury sextile Pluto, we possess a strong will and clear opinions. Our sphere of interest spans magic, psychology, and even mathematics and physics. Actively engaging in the exchange of ideas and experiences, we wield persuasive powers, and this energy contributes to our ability to sway the thoughts of others.

Mars Square Uranus: Eccentricity and Restless Independence

The square aspect between Mars and Uranus breeds an eccentric, individualistic energy, sometimes pathologically independent. Admiring marginal beliefs, we yearn for considerable changes to the established order but find it challenging to commit due to our restless and unstable nature. It allows us to successfully complete our plans, and our willingness to sacrifice anything for freedom will bring our unique journey forward.

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