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Every 28 days, a new lunar cycle unfolds, providing us with the chance to mindfully progress on our life path in harmony with the universe. By aligning with the Moon and other celestial energies, we consciously choose the path of least resistance, gracefully navigating the ebbs and flows of life with acceptance. From this harmonious alignment, our life unfolds in synchrony with the cosmos, enabling us to radiate our unique light.

Embrace the transformative journey of each lunar cycle with mindful progression.

The next Moon Journey will start on Monday September 26th 2022 


The Key to Harmony

Immersion in the archetype of Libra

Every Monday for 4 weeks from 7pm to 11pm

Closing ceremony on Monday 24th of October from 7pm to 11pm

Conditions & Application here below

The Moon Journey


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Over 4 weeks, we will all gather for 5 x 4h-ceremonies on:

- The New Moon

- The First Quarter Waxing Moon

- The Full Moon

- The Third Quarter Waning Moon

- The Balsamic Moon, one day before the following New Moon

This journey will allow you to:


- Use astrology to reconnect & work in synchronicity with the Moon and the cosmos

- Reactivate your personal healing power and become your own healer

- Realign with the purpose of your soul

- Reconnect with the power of your intuition and the wisdom of your body

- Anchor a rich spiritual practice in your daily life

- Learn how to dialogue with your unconscious and use the power of manifestation

Each Moon Journey is composed of 5 Moon Ceremonies containing:


- 1 x Cacao Ritual - teachings and wisdoms of the medicinal plant

- 1 x Breathwork allowing to dive in the unconscious while using the energies and potentials of the activated archetype

- Rituals of manifestation based on spiritual, esoteric and shamanic traditions (learn how to create an altar and interact with it, how to set intentions and connect with the invisible realms

- Shadow work & Inner Alchemy, acceptance of your being in its entirety, how to recognise and acknowledge your darkness to transmute it into light

- Current astrological influences – mirroring of the planets' energies on Earth and how it plays out currently in our society

- Moon wisdom - potentials of the current Moon cycle, scientific & esoteric knowledge, symbolism of The Moon in astrology, learn how to follow the transits and the impact of the Moon in your natal chart

- Medicine & Power of the 4 elements activated by the New Moon (Fire, Earth, Air or Water)

- Study of the activated Zodiac archetype of the cycle together with its associated House

- Embodiment of the activated Zodiac Archetype (how to work in synchronicity with it, how does our body respond to it, role of the associated organs/body parts in the esoteric and spiritual tradition, how to harmonise their functioning)

- Daily rituals & practices to guide you throughout the Moon Journey

- A community of Mooners to exchange and journey side by side with like-minded beings, to support, enrich and empower your experience

- Bonus:

- 20% off on all other Gamla Healing modalities (available while you are engaged in a Moon Journey, not applying to collective breathwork sessions)

- 50% off on all future Moon Journeys you will do

- 10% off on all Gamla modalities FOREVER (not applying to collective breathwork sessions)

Please read the following

I highly care about the energy and synergy of the group for each Moon Journey, doing my best to create a cocoon-like space where each participant brings its unique touch, inspiring, empowering and accelerating the healing process of others.

In such an environment, everyone should feel safe enough to experience and share everything they need - without the slightest fear of judgement or negative reaction. This is the reason why I kindly ask you to apply first to the Moon Journey, providing your intentions and motivations for the journey. I will then schedule a call with you where we will get to know each other better and to make sure that you understand what is expected from the participants.



1 x Moon Journey

28-Day Cycle

5 x 4h-Ceremony

DAILY guidance, practice & rituals throughout the Moon Cycle


20% off on all other

Gamla Healing modalities

During the Journey

50% off on all future Moon Journeys you will do

10% off on all Gamla modalities FOREVER

1st Journey - 444€

50% off afterwards

Discover the transformative power of Gamla Healing, a harmonious fusion of modalities including astrology, breathwork, reiki, ceremonial cacao, tarot, Thai massage, and meditation. My holistic approach embraces every facet of your being – body, emotions, energy, mind, and soul.

I personally consider each aspect of yourself as precious. My purpose is to guide and support you through your transformation journey, empowering you to take responsibility for your own healing.

Explore the synergy of diverse modalities with Gamla Healing and embark on a holistic path to wellness.

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