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The Manifest of Gamla Healing

manifest of gamla healing

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, stress, insomnia, addictions, depression, lack of self-esteem or confidence, grief, psychosomatic illnesses or even heavy physical diseases (cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc.), you find yourself at the right place.

Gamla Healing offers you to have a look at the challenges you are facing from a totally different perspective and helps you acknowledge and act on the causes of your sufferings rather than silencing the symptoms.

You are encouraged to take full responsibility for your healing. Gamla Healing is here to guide you and support you, but nothing more. Any healing that will take place will come from your side.


This is a story of empowerment, an adventure where the hero is no one else but you, your own healer.

If you find yourself here, you are probably on a quest for healing, seeking truth and wisdom – in search for a deeper meaning for your life. You may feel lost at the moment, but you should consider yourself fortunate as you might have found the gate leading to a higher dimension of your being. Your individuation, your alchemy, or the so-called “dark night of the soul” might already have started, and you are on the verge of changing forever: you will stop trying to be what the world wants you to be and finally become who you truly are.


Following the path of your soul can be very scary as it takes you to uncharted and powerful lands, full of obstacles, mysteries and fears. It requires a lot of courage, patience, perseverance and resilience to face all its challenges – but know that this is a unique opportunity to align with the higher purpose of your soul, the one you actually came to realise in this incarnation.


This phase of your life might come with feelings of isolation, loneliness, shame, sadness, destructive behaviours, and might lead to health issues like depression, panic attacks, anxiety, burnout, insomnia and other psychosomatic illnesses. This is an integral part of the process and we will work together to navigate the shift within yourself – opening the portal to your own healing power. 


We will collaborate to create the time and space necessary for a fruitful introspection, using the art of contemplation and the power of the retreat to catalyse the process, activating the power of the Hermit. The reason is that you must be able to work in solitude with your shadow if you wish to reach a higher wisdom and consciousness. Understanding the need to slow down and to disconnect from the turmoil of the world will be of utmost importance if you want to return to the essence of your soul. 


You must realise that absolutely no one can do this work for you. My role will be to ignite change in your life and support you in the process – doing the work will remain your own responsibility. I will guide you through a wide range of teachings, encouraging you to implement routines, practices and rituals that will allow a new dynamic to emerge in your life. I will do my best to empower you, to help you align with the purpose of your soul and grow independent, capable of taking responsibility for your health, life and destiny – always making sure that you stay grounded while soaring spiritually. 


Together, we will activate the magic of Gamla and work on your process of individuation. By becoming who you are, you will simultaneously realise your connection to the whole, bringing a feeling of belonging and a faith in life that will never fade away. 


If you’re hearing the call for such a journey, make the first step and reach out to me.


Gamla Healing is a beautiful blend of modalities (astrology, breathwork, reiki, ceremonial cacao, tarot, Thai massage, meditation), a holistic approach that takes all levels of your being into consideration.

Your body, your emotions, your energy, your mind, your soul – every aspect of yourself is precious.

The purpose is to guide you and support you during your transformation, empowering you and making you responsible for your own healing.

Let’s Heal Together

Get in touch and let the magic of Gamla happen!

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Astrology, Breathwork, Reiki, Ceremonial Cacao, Tarot, Thai Massage, Meditation

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Berlin based, Germany

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