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the story of gamla healing

The Story of Gamla Healing

The concept of bridge


Uncountable myths and legends try to give a sense of our existence. Among them, one narrates that we, humans, hold a particular place in a universe composed of 7 realms: mineral, vegetal, animal, human, angelical, archangelical and God. Humans were assigned to the fourth realm, right in the middle, on the edge of what we call the material and spiritual worlds. 

bridge concept

According to this belief, we incarnate on Earth with the special mission to embody the bridge between all seven realms. Only then are we entitled to bear the name of Human. No need to say that this has rarely (some even say never) been achieved through the entire History of Humanity. The real Human still has to take form. 


On my own spiritual path, through my meditations, my observations, my readings, I came to identify with this belief. It’s true that the story itself is quite anthropocentric, putting once again humans at the centre of all realms and entrusting them with the special mission to merge all realms together. But to me, there is no doubt that we can’t feel complete as a human being if we’re not able to be both grounded here on Earth and connected to the higher realms.


Through my personal practice, I realised that this union was taking place in the heart chakra (anahata in sanskrit). Being the fourth chakra, anahata is located right in the middle, with three chakras below (muladhara, svadhisthana and manipura), and three chakras above (vishuddha, ajna and sahasrara). The concepts of the seven chakras and that of the seven realms were mirroring each other, narrating the same story.

Clearly, I haven’t pioneered here. For thousands of years, countless spiritual and religious masters tried to convey the same teachings, highlighting the incredible importance of the medicine of the heart. The issue is that it’s generally at this level that the connection is broken. The material and the spiritual worlds are completely disconnected, like two riverbanks constantly isolated from each other, and that’s when I noticed this obvious separation in myself that the concept of bridge first came to my mind.

The meaning of Gamla


In Aramaic, "Gamla" can be directly translated to bridge. It also refers to the third letter of the Hebraic alphabet, the gimel ג, which carries all by itself the meaning of bridge. The concept of Gamla is to fuse disparate elements into a harmonious whole, to unify through an exchange, a reciprocity. This is the element that holds or merges opposites, that keeps yin and yang forever in balance. It is also a reminder that no healing can take place without a genuine call for help.

meaning of gamla

Gamla equally holds the concept of “nourishing until ripe”, “weaning until independence, autonomy or maturity”. It is the key to transformation, the open door to unification and individuation, and this is exactly the magic I feel called to work in my life: to empower people, to help them find the path to themselves and bring them my support until they fly with their own wings.

The purpose of Gamla


I believe that most of our health issues come from the fact that we are not aligned with ourselves, living the life of a stranger simply because we actually don’t know who we truly are. The bridge within, to the self, has been destroyed (by traumas, society, education, etc.), leaving the soul in suffering. 


I offer to help you rebuild your own bridge, stone after stone, through a complete recalibration of your physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual bodies. Nothing will be left aside. Together, we will travel on the path to individuation which will automatically lead to better health and happiness. 

purpose of gamla

It is however important to remember that the magic of Gamla falls into oblivion without a counterpart to receive it. There can be no giving without an energy of receiving. The process implies therefore a total investment from your side. My role in the healing process is limited to being a messenger, a trigger and a support for you as long as you need it. Nothing else. You, and only you, own the responsibility to manifest for real what you are meant to be.


Nowadays, more and more people are disappointed by the allopathic medicine. They take pills for years, very often without major life improvements and without really knowing the potential counter effects on the short and long term. Patients are simple clients or numbers, poorly handled through the entire medical process: by the secretaries, the nurses and the doctors themselves who are, most of the time, unable to show one ounce of empathy. They don’t listen and sometimes don’t even look at you. They don’t try to understand your story or the origin of your problems since their only concern is to first name and label it and second to annihilate the symptoms, without even considering the cause of the suffering. 

During the process of Gamla, we go deep to the root of the problem. Much of our suffering comes from our history (transgenerational blockages and traumas for example), our habits, our environment and our psychological state. In order to heal, we need to consider ourselves as a whole and approach every component very carefully. Only then can we bring a long-lasting harmony on and between all levels of our being. This is what I’m striving to do here with Gamla.

Gamla Healing is a beautiful blend of modalities (astrology, breathwork, reiki, ceremonial cacao, tarot, Thai massage, meditation), a holistic approach that takes all levels of your being into consideration.

Your body, your emotions, your energy, your mind, your soul – every aspect of yourself is precious.

The purpose is to guide you and support you during your transformation, empowering you and making you responsible for your own healing.

Let’s Heal Together

Get in touch and let the magic of Gamla happen!

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