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Unmasking Celestial Influences: Navigating the Venus & Mars Conjunction (Feb 22nd 2024)


Mars and Venus, Allegory of Peace (1770)

Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée (French, 1724 - 1805)

Embarking on a journey through the celestial realms, we unravel the enigmatic interplay of astrological forces, focusing on the Sabian 6° Aquarius symbol - "A Masked Figure Performs Ritualistic Acts In A Mystery Play." This particular degree is inviting us to let fall down the masks that are not aligned with our essence. Join me as we decode the cosmic language behind Venus & Mars Conjunction aspects, shedding light on the intricacies that shape individual personalities and interpersonal relationships.

Venus & Mars Conjunction in Aquarius

Aquarius is always activating the topic of innovation and forward-thinking. We are invited to reinvent the way we enter our relationships, to interact with our friends, lovers, family and all other individuals in a completely different way. We can allow ourselves to be as weird and avant-garde as we are, all of us. Mars will help us stay strong on our positions, to be assertive enough in order to not crumble under criticism or mockery. Venus will on the other hand provide its support to be able to connect harmoniously and build healthy bridges between this infinite number of radically unique and different individuals.

Venus Conjunction Pluto

We will be peeling back the layers of emotion as the Venus Conjunction Pluto aspect reveals a canvas painted with intense and enduring feelings. Discover the complexities of individuals seeking profound emotional connections, where passion and devotion weave a compelling narrative. However, we also delve into the challenges of jealousy and guarded emotions, exploring how this aspect activates sexuality and sex appeal.

Venus Square Jupiter

We will be navigating the emotionally demanding landscape of Venus Square Jupiter, where friendships encounter hurdles due to diverse interests and ambitions. The paradox of artistic ambitions without the influx of talent, and exploring the difficulties in harmonising with others due to selfish tendencies. Luxurious desires take center stage, will be impacting both relationships and finances.

Mars Conjunct Pluto

The conjunction of Mars and Pluto paints a picture of relentless determination, stubbornness, and a natural leadership spirit. This can bring difficulties entering relationships, always wanting to be right, without letting the others express their opinion, with not even the slightest will to listen to their vision.

Mars Square Jupiter

We will explore this dynamic, characterised by reckless and extreme reactions (anger, rage, jealousy, etc.). We will have to find the balance between two developmental branches: one leading to the pursuit of property, money, and power, and the other focusing on idealistic movements and groups. Unravel the threads connecting this aspect to a heightened desire for travel and adventure.

Venus & Mars Opposition Moon

The Moon in opposition to Venus & Mars brings emotional confusion intertwines with relationship dynamics. From romantic challenges to home conflicts, we will explore the diverse landscapes of the emotional world of the Moon. Don't be afraid to delve into the realms of psychology, occultism, and alternative movements that will shape your quest for self-discovery and transformation within your relationships.


A lot of challenges are coming ahead of us and will play out in our relationships. Don't be scared! Mars will be a real trigger, that's for sure, but it will also provide us with the necessary courage to face those disagreements and stay strong in front of adversity. An incredible healing potential for healing lies for all of us as a Human species if we accept to practice with each others and allow everyone to teach us things about ourselves that we don't know yet.

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