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About Me


Hi, I am Sylvain


As the founder and practitioner of Gamla Healing, I embarked on a transformative journey after nearly a decade as an engineer. The universe compelled me to make a radical life change, leading me through a profound "dark night of the soul." Listening to my body and inner voice, I chose to dedicate my life to assisting others in their healing journey and individuation – helping them become their true essence.

Driven by a utopian vision, I firmly believe that unlocking the purpose of the soul is the key to a better world. My mission is to guide and empower individuals, activating their inner healing power. This involves reconnecting with their divine nature and reopening their hearts to the magic of life.


As an intuitive and empath with claircognizant and clairsentient abilities, my deep understanding of people becomes a powerful catalyst for transformation. I offer soft yet challenging guidance and create safe spaces to facilitate profound change.

Being a lifelong student of life, I bring a diverse set of skills to Gamla Healing. From an Environmental Engineer and Evolutionary Astrologer to a Reiki Master, Certified Breathwork & Cacao Ceremony Facilitator, Tarot Reader, Thai Massage Therapist, and Yoga Teacher — I am a certified Heilpraktiker and will soon graduate from my Bachelor of Psychology.


Join me on this transformative path towards healing and self-discovery. No matter who you are or what your story is, feel free to reach out. I am dedicated to supporting you on your journey.


Discover the transformative power of Gamla Healing, a harmonious fusion of modalities including astrology, breathwork, reiki, ceremonial cacao, tarot, Thai massage, and meditation. My holistic approach embraces every facet of your being – body, emotions, energy, mind, and soul.

I personally consider each aspect of yourself as precious. My purpose is to guide and support you through your transformation journey, empowering you to take responsibility for your own healing.

Explore the synergy of diverse modalities with Gamla Healing and embark on a holistic path to wellness.

Let’s Heal Together

Get in touch and let the magic of Gamla happen!

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Astrology, Breathwork, Reiki, Ceremonial Cacao, Tarot, Thai Massage, Meditation

+49 176 22 92 33 98

Berlin based, Germany

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