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collective elevation

Collective Elevation

This is not a legend. Together, we are stronger.

This is the reason why a part of the mission of Gamla Healing is to help like-minded human beings from all walks of life to connect through powerful healing gatherings. Each participant, by shining its unique light - inspires, empowers and accelerates the healing process of others.

Our world is currently going through a major shift, an elevation of consciousness and a new era, the Age of Aquarius, is announced. Healing individually and together as a collective is of utmost importance and will help us build the world of tomorrow.

moon journey

The Moon Journey

This collective experience is extremely rich, full of teachings and wisdoms combined and synergised altogether to support each participant on their evolutionary path.


The Moon Journey is a unique way to learn how to work in synchronicity with the lunar cycles and implement a solid spiritual practice in your daily life – learning how to align with the purpose of your soul, you will soon become your own healer.


Composed of 4 x 4h-Ceremonies - taking place at the New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon - the purpose of this journey is to empower each participant by providing them with a wide set of tools and practices that will support and accelerate their transformation.

Astrology, breathwork, cacao ceremonies, rituals of manifestation, shadow work & inner alchemy, medicine & power of the 4 elements as well as many other surprises are waiting for you...

zodiac circle

The Zodiac Circle

The Zodiac Circle is a group gathering taking place at the beginning of each astrological sign's season.

Composed of a 3h-gathering - its purpose is to have a better understanding of the activated astrological sign and to make a review of the main planetary aspects that will influence each of us here on Earth during the season.

We will learn how to work in synchronicity with the energies of the moment, trying to embody them through specific practices and integrating the wisdom of the Zodiac signs through a breathwork journey.

This collective experience is a very short version of a Moon Journey and gives you the opportunity to discover the potential of working with astrology.

Energy Exchange


Collective Breathwork

collective breathwork

Every week, on Tuesday evening from 7pm to 8:30pm, you have the opportunity to participate to a collective breathwork online.

A session of breathwork has multiple advantages: it helps us take a break from our hectic daily life, reducing mind chatter, stress and anxiety, increasing our immune system. It also helps us go through blockages on all levels, physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual

Each session is unique and offers to travel on a different theme each week. 

Energy Exchange 


Gamla Healing is a beautiful blend of modalities (astrology, breathwork, reiki, ceremonial cacao, tarot, Thai massage, meditation), a holistic approach that takes all levels of your being into consideration.

Your body, your emotions, your energy, your mind, your soul – every aspect of yourself is precious.

The purpose is to guide you and support you during your transformation, empowering you and making you responsible for your own healing.

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