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Lunar Eclipse in Taurus - November 19th 2021 - Part 2

“Take your pleasure seriously.” - Charles Eames

Illustration: The Pleiades - James R. Eads

As I already explained in my last post this week, a Lunar Eclipse will take place this Friday 19th of November at 9:57 AM CET, in the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus. Eclipses are very powerful celestial events, like hyperactive New or Full Moons. Their energy is opening portals that allow us to project ourselves in the future, initiating changes on a period extended to 6 months instead of 28 days (normal duration of a lunar cycle). That’s the reason why the topics we will work on now, the intentions that we will set and the seeds that we will sow will have a big impact on our growth and development.

This Lunar Eclipse is taking place on the Axis Taurus/Scorpio, the so-called axis of control and wealth, with the Moon sitting in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio. Taurus deals with the control of our physical environment (Earth), making sure that it’s safe, stable, beautiful, abundant and pleasurable, while Scorpio focuses on our emotional security, filtering, analyzing, scanning our relationships to ensure honesty, authenticity and care (water). We’re gonna be able to see clearly what our real needs are, to listen to ourselves and set healthy boundaries in any kind of relationship.

The North Node of the Moon will move from Gemini to Taurus on January 18th 2022, so this Eclipse is giving us a first taste of the themes that will be activated for the next year and a half. A real shift is gonna take place (and it’s already on the move). We will enter a period in which our attention will be deeply focused on embodiment (Taurus), reclaiming the body as a temple, reconnecting with our senses, celebrating our sexuality, resynchronising with our biological clock, acknowledging the beauty and simplicity of life as it is.

With the South Node in Scorpio, this reappropriation of the body (NN in Taurus) will allow us to face and heal our own traumas of present and past lives, but also the transgenerational and collective traumas that we all carry on our shoulders. We’re barely going out of 2000 years spent in the age of Pisces, where anything related to the body was demonised. This will take time, but the healing will go through real incarnation, living in the present, in the moment, in the NOW. Only the body will allow us to anchor ourselves in the present, through the senses, experimenting pleasure and pain, showing us constantly and exactly the way to what we actually need.

Therefore, this Lunar Eclipse is a perfect occasion to start the process. Take the chance to honor yourself, your body, your needs. Dress up, put some make-up on, do whatever you want to feel at your best, like the Goddesses and Gods you are. Treat yourself with an amazing meal, with fresh and nutritious foods. Take care of your body, massage your feet, your hands, caress your skin, masturbate, have sex (while setting healthy boundaries)! Anything that can make you feel fully incarnated, that awakens your senses, that reminds you that you’re alive has its place on the menu tomorrow!

I’m kind of a broken record, but we’re going through a massive shift on a collective level and it is of utmost importance that YOU, who takes the time to read this text, take part in the building of a new paradise on Earth. We’re all part of a group of souls who incarnated at this point in time for a purpose, to initiate change. It all starts with our personal transformation and healing. As insignificant as our lives might seem, we’re all taking part in the building of a new era.

Honestly ask this question to yourself: am I here to initiate change in the world, at my own level? Feel the answer in your body. Deep inside, don’t you know it already?

I wish you a wonderful Eclipse celebration tomorrow!

With Love!



Gamla Healing is a beautiful blend of modalities (astrology, breathwork, reiki, ceremonial cacao, tarot, Thai massage, meditation), a holistic approach that takes all levels of your being into consideration.

Your body, your emotions, your energy, your mind, your soul – every aspect of yourself is precious.

The purpose is to guide you and support you during your transformation, empowering you and making you responsible for your own healing.

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